Original fantasy world created by Rory and Amanda Webb



Volume 4 is OUT and available at Grand Rapids Comic-Con! Stop by artist alley booth B9 to see us!

Check out this awesome video that Rory animated and created the music for as a little promo for The Ascendants: Ascendants Promo Animation!

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Current Projects

Webcomic packed with adventure, intrigue, magic, a thieves guild, pirates, and oh ... a powerful and insane sorcerer who will stop at nothing to thwart the heroes!

The Reckoning - Coming Soon!

A tiefling cleric seeks vengeance for the death of her mentor

The Collusion - Coming Soon!

Political intrigue meets impending war between two of the greatest cities in Aukera

The Beached Mermaid - Coming Soon!

Mystery on the high seas, focusing on the port city of Sharne in Northern Aukera

For new reader, or those who want a refresher course on the various goings-on all across Aukera

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