Original fantasy world created by Rory and Amanda Webb


Even though The Ascendants is finished, we're still working hard on other projects and different artworks! Head on over to our Instagram, and you can see the drawing challenge I assigned to myself this month: Mutant May! Every day, I will draw a different character from the various X-Men comics I grew up reading. Check it out!

We've also got a virtual artist alley booth at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this year! All three current volumes of our graphic novels are available for sale, as well as a couple fanart merch bundles. Click here for the online booth!

Scroll to the bottom of Chapter 18 to see the newest page!Check out this awesome video that Rory animated and created the music for as a little promo for The Ascendants: Ascendants Promo Animation!

In the meantime, please make sure you check out our Ko-Fi, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!

Current Projects

Webcomic packed with adventure, intrigue, magic, a thieves guild, pirates, and oh ... a powerful and insane sorcerer who will stop at nothing to thwart the heroes!

The Reckoning - Coming Soon!

A tiefling cleric seeks vengeance for the death of her mentor

The Collusion - Coming Soon!

Political intrigue meets impending war between two of the greatest cities in Aukera

The Beached Mermaid - Coming Soon!

Mystery on the high seas, focusing on the port city of Sharne in Northern Aukera

For new reader, or those who want a refresher course on the various goings-on all across Aukera

If you love our work and want to own your own copies of our comics and/or artwork, this is the place to go!